VK-2500 Turboshaft Engine

This engine is used to power the Mi-28N and Ka- 52 helicopters as well as upgrading the Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-28, Ka-32, Ka-50 and Ka-50-2 helicopters. The turboshaft is a higher-power upgraded version of widely known TV3-117VMA turboshaft. It is one of the world’s best turboshafts as regards its fuel efficiency and weight performances. Profound experience in mass-producing and operating the base engine along with applying an upto-date control system have enabled to raise operating performances and ensure highdependability and extensive service life.

- low specific fuel consumption; 
- low weight-to-power ratio; 
- high reliability; 
- long service life; 
- high maintainability; 
- high repairability; 
- steady operation in harsh dust and smoke conditions; 
- possibility of long-lasting maritime operation; 
- sustaining constant power at high ambient temperatures in the mountainous terrain

Emergency power condition (SLS, ISA +15°C):
Power, shp (kW)2700 (1985)
Takeoff power condition (SLS, ISA +15°C):
2400 (1764)2400 (1764)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hp•h (kg/kW• h)0.210 (0.286)
Cruise power condition (SLS, ISA +150C): 
Power, shp (kW)1750 (1287)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/hp•h (kg/kW•h)0.225 (0.313)
Dry weight, kg295
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