D-436-148 Turbofan Engine

It is intended for installation in An-148 aircraft used by regional and short-haul routs. It is actually the further modification of D-436T1 engines installed in Tu-334 plane. The engine complies with both effective and future ICAO requirements for aircraft engine noise andemission performances.
Main advantages of the engine:
- low specific fuel consumption and low weight to thrust ratio;
- high reliability due to long experience in operating the D-36 engine of similar class;
- low levels of emission and noise;
- easy maintenance and high effectivity of monitoring and diagnostic system;
- universal mount for installing the engine on various airplanes in underwing or overwing, fuselage or side positions without changing the engine design;
- low operating costs at long service life

ACS setting variant
Takeoff rating (PAMB=760 mm Hg, MFL=0)
short-range aircraft       long-range aircraft
  (tAMB +37.5°Ñ)             (tAMB +30°Ñ)
Thrust, kgf (kN)    6400 (62784)               6830 (67002)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf•h (kg/kN•h)    0.36 (0,0366)               0.36 (0,0366)
Maximum cruise rating (Í=11000 m, ÌFL=0.75, ISA +10°Ñ): 
Thrust, kgf (kN)    1500 (14715)               1500 (14715)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf(N)h     0.608 (61.9)                 0.617 (62.9)
Max.dry weight, kg 
          1400                            1400
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