AI-450-MS Gas-turbine Auxiliary Engine

The AI-450-MS is an up-to-date gas-turbine auxiliary engine of two-shaft design featuringequivalent power of 222 kW. The engine is to be used in the An-148 passenger plane and other variouspurpose planes.
High efficiency of application of the AI-450-MS auxiliary engine built by Motor Sich JSC on the basis of the gas generator of AI-450 gas-turbine engine developed by SE IVCHENKO-PROGRESS is provided due to: 
- low SFC resulting from high parameters of thermodynamic cycle, high efficiency of units and choice of construction providing air bleeds from auxiliary compressor; 
- low operating cost.

- generation of compressed air for starting propulsion gas-turbine engines; 
- electrical power supply with 200/115 VAC, 400 Hz, power up to 40 kVA; 
- generation of compressed air for aircraft conditioning system; 
- generation of compressed air for aircraft anti-icing system.

Absorbed power to drive generator, kW40
Bleed air consumption, kg/s1.127
Bleed air pressure, kgf/cm24.75
Bleed air temperature, °C230
Fuel consumption, kg/h118
Use of the AI-450-MS auxiliary engine allows to: 
- Expand the range of aircraft utilization; 
- Reduce operating time of propulsion engines; 
- Improve safety of aircraft maintenance; 
- Reduce expenditures for auxiliary ground facilities and maintenance personnel; 
- Ensure additional air and electric power source in flight up to altitude of 12000 m.
The engine meets the latest technical requirements and is equipped with full-authority digital electronic control system that can ensure control, monitoring, diagnostics and indication of troubles as well as counting of operation time.

Expected applications: An-148, Tu-334, Be-200, Yak-42, An-74TK-300 and other airplanes.скачать dle 12.0