AI-25TLSH Turbojet Bypass Engine

This turbofan is a version of the mass-produced AI-25TL engine mounted in the L-39 and K-8J trainer aircraft. It can power combat-trainer modifications of these aircrafts and be adapted to power other existing trainer and combat trainer aircraft and those underdevelopment to be used as light attack aircraft. In this respect, a combat power rating of enhanced maximum thrust, employed for strike operations, has been additionally introduced and engine acceleration time has been substantially reduced.

The engine features:
- high reliability ensuring the highest possible flight safety, which is proved by the fact that around 5,000 AI-25TL engines are operated in 37 countries, their total operating time approaches to 7,000,000 hours;
- high level of gas-dynamic stability at external disturbances, including those when launching onboard weapons;
- high fuel efficiency;
- insignificant labor and time input for maintenance;
- minimum life cycle cost.
The engine preserves the previous design of automatic control system to provide retrofitting the earlier produced L-39 and K-8J aircraft. At a customer's request, the engine can be modified to be controlled by

      Combat                        Training
Maximum power condition (H = 0, M = 0, ISA): 
Thrust, kgf (kN)  1850 (18.15)                 1720 (16.87)
SFC, kg/(kgf•h) (kg/kN•h)                     0.575 (58.6)
Maximum power condition (H = 0, M = 0.6, ISA +15 °C): 
Thrust, kgf (kN)  1250 (12.26)                 1100 (10.79)
Cruise power condition (H = 8000 m, Mfl = 0.75, ISA): 
Thrust, kgf (kN)  1600 (15.69)                 1600 (15.69)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf•h (kg/kN•h)   0.630 (64.2)                 0.630 (64.2)
Dry weight, kg       1124                            1124
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