D-27 Turbopropfan Engine

The D-27 is designed to power the An-70, An-70T, An-180, Be-42 airplanes as well as other highly efficient passenger and cargo planes.
The engine is the result of extensive experience in development of propfan engines.

Main advantages of the engine:
- high efficiency; 
- high reliability and trouble-free operation; 
- low maintenance man hours; 
- continuous monitoring of a complex of parameters under algorithms for testing the engine and propfan conditions; 
- low emission level; 
- low noise level.v

Takeoff power condition (SLS, ISA +15 °C, PAMB=730mm Hg): 
Equivalent, ehp (kW)14000 (10294)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/ehp•h (kg/eqkW•h) 0.170 (0.231)
Maximum cruise power condition (H = 11000 m, Mfl = 0.7, ISA): 
Equivalent power, ehp (kW)  6750 (4963)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/ehp•h (kg/eqkW•h) 0.130 (0.177)
Dry weight, kg      1650
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