Engine SR-305-230

Engine typeSR-305-230
Fuel:aviation kerosene Jet-A, Jet-Al, TC-l
Maximum power230 l/s
Fuel consumption per hour33-35 l/h
Maximum steady speed2200 rpm.

• The aircraft is equipped with a perspective engine of diesel cycle operating at kerosene. 
• Different versions of a compLete set of airborne equipment. 
• Provision of flight security by means of optimal selection of equipment configuration in accordance with the airworthiness norms of АП-23 and CS-23. 
• Provision of operation reliability of the aircraft design and systems by means of usage of additional doubling and emergency systems and also signaling systems of dangerous modes.

The aircraft is equipped with a four-cylinder piston engine of diesel cycle with direct fuel injection, this engine is designed and manufactured by the French company SMA SAFRAN. 
The power plant incorporates three-blade variablepitch propeller. 
MTV9-B-S/198-58B produced by MT Propeller, Germany. 
With the help of the propeller hydraulic governor engine speed is maintained constant (2200 rev/min) during the entire running time. 
Two variants of aircraft onboard equipment are used. 
The first variant - onboard equipment on the base of analog instruments. The second one - onboard equipment according to the type of “glass cabin” on the base of onboard radio electronic complex GARMIN (USA). 
The equipment installed on aircraft provides the aircraft operation with one pilot according to the instrument flight rules and makes it possible to solve the tasks of short-range navigation, скачать dle 12.0