Overhaul of AL-21F-3 aircraft engines and its aggregates. The main are: NR-53D, RSF-53B, NP-96M, DTsN-72, FN-53, PGL-30ML, SK-224-1, RT-12-3, TS-21B, 4700T, aggregate 924 
Overhaul of AL-31F aircraft engines, remote aggregates boxes and all component parts. The main are: NR-31V, RSF-31V/B, RT-31V, RTF-31A, FN-31A, NP- 96M, DTsN-82, KRD-99, SK-224-6 series 1, TDK, 6139T, aggregate 4030. 
Overhaul of RD-33 2S aircraft engines and its aggregates. The main are: NR-59A, RSF-59A, NP-96M, DTsN-78, FN-59A, KSO-59A, RT-59E, RTF-59B, TDK, 4700-T, 4033, FG-11SN-T, BPR-88, SK-224-6 series 2. 
Overhaul of R-29-300 (R-29B-300) aircraft engines of series 1, 2, 3, 4, and R-35-300 (0A, 0A-2). 
Overhaul of R11, R13, R25, R-95SH, AI-25TL, M-14, GTDE-117 aircraft engines, auxiliary power units «Saphir-5» and aircraft gear boxes KSA-2 (3). 
Overhaul and repair of equipment and components of Su-24 (all modifications). 
Overhaul of D-36 aircraft engines (range 1, 1A, 2A). 
Overhaul of propellers AB-72 range 02A, AB-72T range 02A, AB-68DM.скачать dle 12.0