Total Technical Life Extension (ttle) Of AN-32 Aircraft

Total Technical Life Extension (TTLE) of An-32 Aircraft for granting life up to forty years as per program of SE «Antonov». TTLE is provided individually for each Aircraft upon fulfilment of the following conditions:
  1. Modification of wing for strengthening of lower panels of wing centre section, examination and repair of hard-to-reach areas of structural elements.
  2. Carrying out scheduled overhaul with periodicity of assigned TBO.
  3. Carrying out individual Ageing Control Programs along with each overhaul and treatment of corroded areas using corrosion prevention material.

Modernization of An32 Aircraft as per Customer’s requirements foresees installation of new stateof-the-art equipment such as

  • (a) Traffic Collision Avoidance System (equipped with RBS-type and “Mode S” transponders) along with replacement of RAM-700A with A-053.
  • (b) Instead of available KURS-MP2 system a modern VOR / ILS system is installed.
  • (c) GPS/GLONASS system with independent navigation console (with display), having facility for updating data and display the data to the repeater.
  • (d) Replacement of Ground Proximity Warning System by Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. Additionally following devices are installed for improving operation features of the system:
    • Outside Air Temp Indicator P-104;
    • Altitude indicator UVK-1F along with MVP-1-1 air flow parameter module.
  • (e) Distance Measuring Equipment with three indicators at Pilot, Co-pilot and Navigator’s working places instead of existing SD-75.
  • (f) Two modern VHF/UHF radio stations are installed with possibility to tune to maritime frequency (156,8 MHz), having channel spacing of 8,33KHz.
  • (g) The existing radar system is replaced with up to date Weather radar system with two Multi-Function Indicators having facility to display information from TCAS, GPS/GLONASS system and EGPWS.
  • (h) HF Communication Set.
  • (i) Fire Warning System is installed to improve reliability of performance and reduce spurious warnings.
  • (j) Modification of aircrew (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator) seats and installation of folding Flight Engineer’s seat. The seats are equipped with harnesses with inertial mechanisms.
  • (k) Oxygen masks/oxygen system. Oxygen system will be modified by installation of Qty-05 BKO-5M units with Qty-05 KM-114K oxygen masks with in-built microphones. Qty-04 BKO-5M units will be installed into aircrew’s working places and Qty-01 unit will be installed in cargo cabin on the fuselage left side between frames 9-11.
  • (l) Headsets with Mike (with noise-cancellation circuit).
  • (m) Emergency Locator Transmitters.

Additionally, following modifications are accomplished:

  • Fuselage modification for noise/vibrations decrease inside cockpit.
  • Hydraulic system modification including filter in hydraulic drainage line and replacement of hydraulic pumps.
  • Implementation of modification providing possibility for emergency MLG bay Door lock opening in event of breaking of cable (STA/32-01-4108-560-000 or STA/32-01-4108-565-000).
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