Airborne Parachute System DPS-M

DPS-M airborne parachute system is intended for training and performing of operational parachute jumps from troop-carrier aircraft An-12, An-22, An- 26, An-32, An-72, Il-76, as well as from aircraft Аn-2 and from helicopters Мi-6, Мi-8, Mi-17 carried out by separate paratroopers or paratrooper groups with full standard arms and equipment or without it. This system is intended for paratroopers of all specialities at indicated airspeed of plane flight from 140 kph (38.9 mps) up to 400 kph (111.1 mps) from altitude from 200 m up to 8000 m with stabilization during 3 s and more. 
The total airborne weight of a paratrooper is 140 kg.

Stabilization parachute1 piece;
Parachute 83 m21 piece;
Harness1 piece;
Container1 piece;
Bag2 pieces;
Semi-automatic unified combined safety device.Operational documentation.1 set;

Length, no t more than, m0.57
Width, m0.285
Height, m0.21 (packed)
Weight, not more than, kg11 .5
Paratrooper weight, kgup to 120
Dropping out (aircraft) speed,km/h200–8000
Vertical speed, m/sec5
Average level speed, m/sec2
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