The parachute system is deployed by the pilot after touching the runway by the main wheels of the aircraft. At the moment the cap is released of releasing the cap from the parachute container of the aircraft, the cone spring of the exhaust parachute straightens and enables the second exhaust parachute, which extracts the main parachute of its camera. Inflated main parachute resists aircraft movement and reduces the length of its run along the runway. The system provides inhibition of an aircraft during landing at speeds of its commissioning at least 180 km/h and no more than 300 km/h.


The maximum operating load does not exceed
Rmax 193500 H (19700 Krc)
Parachute system weight, not more than
24 kg
Parachute system volume, not more than
58 dm3
Service time, including shelf-life
5 years
Resource of the parachute system
50 applications
Time of laying the parachute system:
12 years
with the press for more than
10 minutes
manually no more than
20 minutes
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