PIK-01V Engine Exhaust Shield System

The system purpose is to suppress an engine IR signature. This additional element is necessary to increase the efficiency of "Adros" KT-01AVE IRDM station. PIK-01V variant is designed for Mil design bureau helicopters, such as Mi-8, Mi-17 (fig. 7), Mi- 25, Mi-35 etc., as well as Kamov design bureau helicopters such as Ka-27, Ka-31, etc., and provides decrease of it’s visibility in infra-red band of wave lengths in all operational modes.
Original design solutions allow to decrease temperature of exhaust gases and temperature of design elements due to increase of heat exchange, special screens and air ejector systems.

- Temperature of exhaust gases and design elements not more than 200°C. 
- Power loss on free power turbine shaft - not more than 1.5 % on peak mode. 
- Degradation factor of IR radiation power in 3-5 not less than 3.5 –4. 
- Weight of two shields (in set) - not more than 40 kgsскачать dle 12.0