TU U 20.1-36999957-007:2014

Powdered product of light yellow to brown, without any visible inclusions or any lamps of hardened alloy.

Physical and chemical parameters of Waterproof AMMONIUM NITRATE

Indicator nameRate
Mass fraction of ammonium nitrate on a dry basis, %, min97,0
Mass fraction of water, %, max0,5
Mass fraction of fatty acids and paraffin in the ratio 1:1, %0,3 - 0,5
Mass fraction of iron, %0,06 - 0,09
Acidity in terms of HNO3, %, max0,07
Water-resistance according to hydrodynamic device20
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in hydrochloric acid, %, max0,05

Application areas:
Waterproof аmmonium nitrate is designed for industrial explosives production.
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