TU U: 20.5-36999957-016:2015

Designed for application in dust- and (or) gas-hazardous mines and ore mines, for blasting where application of Class IV explosives is permitted, including shock blasting in seams hazardous with sudden coal, rock or gas outbursts.

Physical and chemical parameters of PERMISSIBLE PATRONIZED AMMONITE GF-5
Indicator nameRate
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles, %, max0,20
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in water, acetone, toluene (or benzene), %0,2 - 1,3
Ammonite density in cartridge, g/cm31,00 - 1,20
Ammonite weight in cartridge, g300 ± 15
Cartridge diameter, mm, in the range36 - 37
Critical diameter of detonation at density:
  1,6 g/cm3, mm, max

Detonation transfer of cartridged explosives at distance between two cartridges, cm, min:
  - dry, diameter, mm 
- after immersion in water, diameter, mm

Detonation density charges, after immersion in waterFull
Safety propertiesMust pass the tests of
ignition safety of
methane-air and dust-air mixtures
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