GOST 21988-76

Grammonite 79/21 - is a mixture of granules of ammonium nitrate with trinitrotoluene flakes with no component splitting and visible mechanical impurities or component lumps over 5 mm in size.

Physical and chemical parameters of EXPLOSIVES GRAMMONITE 79/21 (MIXED COLD)
Indicator nameRate
Mass fraction of ammonium nitrate, %79 ± 1,5
Mass fraction of TNT, %21 ± 1,5
Moisture and volatiles content, %, max0,5
Granulometric composition:
  Sieve residue № 4, %, max
  Sieve residue № 0,9, %, min

Detonation of charges in paper shell of 100 mm diameter
from booster

Application areas:
Used for explosive works in open-cut mines and mines that are not dangerous in terms of gases or dust with manual and mechanical loading of dry and wet (dewatered) holes, bore holes and sockets. Grammonite 79/21 differs from powder explosives due to susceptibility to mechanical effect, absence of dusting, convent use and safe operation.
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