GOST 4117-78

Flakes of light yellow to yellow color with no visible mechanical impurities and with no humidity signs. Bound flakes may occur that shall be split with manual efforts. jectile hitting angle

Physical and chemical parameters of EXPLOSIVES TNT
Indicator nameRate
Grade AGrade B
Solidification temperature, °С, min8077,5
Moisture and volatile content, %0,080,1
Mass fraction of substances insoluble in organic solvent, %, max0,080,08
Acidity in terms of H2SO4, %, max0,010,01
Mass fraction of tetranitromethane--

TNT with the quality characteristics corresponding to the international standard MIL-DTL-248D, type I may be supplied as per the Customer’s requirements.
Application areas:
TNT flaked is used for production of any types of industrial explosives and products made of industrial explosives.
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