RD809K Engine

Main engine is developed for application on the second stage of Mayak-22 LV and upper stages of other LVs of similar type.The engine is one-chamber, one-mode, with multiple burns and turbopump propellant supply system. It is implemented on the basis of the scheme of generator gas afterburning.The engine is developed on the basis of proven units of high-reliable serial RD-8 steering engine of Zenit LV.

   Propellantskerosene+О 2
   Thrust in vacuum , tf10
   Isp in vacuum, s352
   CC pressure, kgf/cm 2100
   Pressure at nozzle section, kgf/cm 20.029
   Mass, kg275
   Number of burnsup to 5
   Time of operation, s600

   Status: at the stage of developmentскачать dle 12.0