«APUS» Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a part of the Artillery 
Fire Control System AFCS. 
Control: full autopilot; possible encrypting flight rerouting; manual controls, landing - parachute. 
Recognizes the 30cm-and larger-size objects at 1km distance at dusk, equipped with night vision devices that can detect people up to 1km and vehicles– up to - 3km distance. 
Ability to work in full radio silence.

Maximum altitude100-3000 m
Operating range50 km
Payload Optical camera4200х2800 pixels, 35mm F/2.8
Connectiondigital 1,8GHz, up to 70 km of direct vision
Flight time, min120
Speed, km/h60-120
Take-off weight, kg8
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