Drone – octocopter with 8 twined props - quadrocopter scheme. 
Designed for search, detection and identification of objects in a given area or under the route with determined coordinates, as well as for airborne operations with payload. The complex allows to transmit real-time video and other useful information directly to the ground control station.
Can perform autonomous flight on a given route, which consists of a coordinates array in the fully automatic mode (operator free). 
Under condition of absence of radio communication between UAV and ground control station (GCS) telemetry and photographically-acquired information is being recorded by on-board solid-state drive. Can perform take-off and landing in fully automated mode from defined coordinates after the certain


General information and flight characteristicsKey figures
UAV typeDrone – octocopter 8 twined props - quadrocopters scheme
UAV base length0,56 m
The diameter of the UAV in between of the motor axes1,2 m
Height0,54 m
The diameter of the UAV including the span of rotor blades1,42 m
The angle of steady deflection+/-30%
Ability to perform a mission in fully automated modeYes
Flying range (manual and automated mode)15 km
Maximum flying height500 m
Maximum flying speed50 km/h
Runtime of flight assignment (including hovering mode)60 min.
Availability of a ground stationYes

Mass characteristics
Maximum take-off weight (using LiPol)16,5 kg
Payload weight3 kg
The allowable range of operating load+45 %
Weight in transportable condition (without batteries and camera)7,6 kg
Weight of hard case with ground station and necessary equipment20 kg

Mass characteristics
The operating frequency of the airborne control commands receiver433 Mhz
The operating frequency of video channels "UAV-to-ground» (HD, SD)1,1…1,3 GHz
The operating frequency of telemetry transmitter915 Mhz
Method of space coordinationGPS
Control and surveillance camera (with a thermal imager), (homing camera)FullHD (1920x1080), ZOOM 30 kt function;640x480 pixels, a lens with a focal length of 40 (possibly 60) mm
Engines power220W each
Battery capacity:
Basic (onboard) (8 pcs.)
Earthbased for vision system

12A-hour (22V)
5A-hour (11,1V)
Stable performance of main batteries in flight (subject to a hovering condition)60 min.
Vision system "UAV- to-ground"PC monitor
Critical side winds10 ms/
Availability of gyrostabilizerYes
Availability of autopilot and the flight stabilization systemYes
Availability of obstacles recognition systemYes
Availability of objects recognition and identification system (possible to determine a person or a car on a background of buildings, roads, afforestation, snow cover etc.)Yes


GCS includes following equipment in its composition:
  • Video recorder;
  • Computer with the following characteristics:
  • Processor - 2 cores, frequency - 2.5 GHz;
  • RAM - 8 GB;
  • 15'' screen;
  • Hard drive - 320 GB;
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Is equipped with a color television screen to display an image received from video camera of the aircraft;
  • A set of antennas to receive 2 types of video signal and telemetry;
  • Equipped with manual and automatic flight control tools;
  • Equipped with the tools of manual control of the camera;
  • A set of software to provide automated control of UAV.
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