ANSER Unmanned Aerial System is designed for aerial surveillance at day and night. Various payload permits to transform the UAV into radio relay system, into radiochemical detector and so on.
The system does not need any specially prepared area for take-off and for landing, and may be employed almost in any weather conditions.


Maximal takeoff weight23,0 kg
Payloadup to 6,0 kg
Flight range with data online transmissionup to 80 km
Employment temperaturefrom -30 up to +40 0C
Maximal flight altitude3000 m
Speed70-120 km/h
Maximal flight range400 km
Flight endurance360 min
Propulsioninternal combustion engine
Data transmission, inscriptionDigital channel, 128 bit key
Sensorsheadn ing camera, 2-axes sa tai bii lized i gimbl al equp ipped wih th 30x guided videocamera or with thermal imager
NavigationGlobal Navigation Satellite System
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